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I started blogging this past summer during my amazing trip to Guatemala and quickly fell in love with it. Unfortunately, life has taken a turn for the more mundane since arriving back in the states. There has been a serious lack in interesting blogging material.

Since blogging about my day to day life is a sure way to have zero readers, I decided to try writing about something I am very passionate about. No, it’s not music (although that will always be my number one love and maybe a future blog) it’s BOOKS!

Reading and I have a long history. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. Numerous hours of sleep have been lost because I simply had to read just one more chapter, page, word.

Book stores enthrall me. Time falls away when I enter a store lined with books just waiting to be read. I can rarely enter one of these book stores without a new piece of literary magic in tow on my way out. Carrie Bradshaw has shoes. Julie Brichta has books.

This book blog will be my experiment as we ring in 2010. I have yet to decide exactly what I will include in this blog, but that’s part of the fun. Just like my traveling blog, I will see where this blog takes me. Hopefully it’s somewhere good.



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