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My New Love…Audio Books

I’ve always loved to read, but I never imagined I would like to be read to as much as I do. I have friends and relatives who are always telling me I should listen to audio books, but for some reason I was hesitant. When I’m in the car, I enjoy listening and singing to music in order to pass the time. I thought that I would get easily distracted if I were to attempt to have someone else read a book to me instead of reading it for myself. It seemed it would take away the imagination that I use when reading a book for myself.

I’m so glad I put my hesitation aside and decided to give the world of audio books a try. I discovered I absolutely love listening to audio books. It always takes a few minutes for me to get used to the reader, but once I do I become fully engaged in what I’m listening to. It’s almost like when you are watching a movie with subtitles. It takes a few minutes to adjust, but once you do you almost forget the movie is in a different language.

An audio book can really help the listener experience the book in a totally different way than reading it might have done. So far I have been very impressed by the readers of the books I’ve listened to. I The different voices they use for the different characters are particularly impressive. When a woman does a man’s voice or vise versa, I’ve totally bought it.

I have a very long commute to work and listening to audio books that I have been able to download for free from the library has made the time go by so much faster. This wonderful discovery has made my commutes so much more enjoyable!

Right now I’m listening to Alice Munro’s book Too Much Happiness. It’s dark and twisted and fabulous. The reader is amazing!

What are your thoughts on audio books? Is there any specific ones that have stood out as being particularly well read?


12 Responses

  1. I listen to them occasionally on my way to work. But I do better with non-fiction when it comes to audio books. Two of my favorites are Gang Leader for a Day and Brother, I’m Dying. The narration on the latter is beautiful.

  2. I’ve been hesitant to try audio books but lots of bloggers seem to love them. Your post is inspiring me to give them a whirl though!

  3. I have recently found audio books too! I used to think I was ‘cheating’ the system but I am so busy (like most of us) and I enjoy listening to a book while running errands, folding laundry, walking…

    I recommend listening to Brooklyn: a novel and The Help. They are incredible on audio. I just started The year of the flood today which has singing!

    • I am reading Oryx and Crake right now so maybe Year of the Flood would be a good audio one to check out!

      • Confession: I haven’t read one single title by Atwood. At BC this week someone mentioned The YEar of the flood is very good but not a personal favorite Atwood. So I thought to start with the ‘worst’ Atwood (and it was available at the library).

        Enjoy your reading!

        Too Much Happiness in on my list too (to read, not listen).

  4. I have only listened to one audio book, when I drove alone to Minot. I never go on trips anymore and any commute in Bismarck is too short.

    Several other bloggers have written how wonderful “The Help” is on tape.

  5. I’ve tried audio books in the past and not had good luck with them. My mind starts wandering after about 15 minutes. I’m just too much of a visual learner I guess. But I have vowed to give them another try since my commute to work is about an hour and I could certainly get in a lot of books during that time.

  6. Mari – What is “the worst” Atwood?

    Her “Alias Grace” is very good, and I liked “The Handmaiden’s Tale” as well.

  7. Hey Jules, great website! Keep up the good work! I have been addicted to audio books for about 10 years. When I love a book that i read, I will later get the audio book and enjoy the experience in a new format. And a good reader makes all the difference. Glad you discovered that world! I’ll take some of your suggestions for my next read!

  8. I love audio books too and especially the non-fiction business books. The audio books are more interesting when the author reads them. The recent one that I liked is by Tony Shieh, the CEO of zappos.com. The book is called Delivering Happiness. So, I am glad to see the interest in audio books and would like to get any recommendations for a good audio book on non fiction.


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