Oryx and Crake

Book: Oryx and Crake

Author: Margaret Atwood

Short Summary:
This novel takes us into a not too distant future where humans have all but died out due to a plague. Snowman, formally known as Jimmy, is the only one left alive that he is aware of. He lives among the “Children of Crake” who are green-eyed, plant and grass eating, gentically engineered human-like beings who have little understanding of the world as the rest of mankind knew it. The book goes back and forth between Jimmy’s former life and friendship with his brilliant buddy Crake, and his new life as Snowman, which he now must adapt to. Slowly, mysteries are unturned and through flashbacks it is revealed just how the world had come to be the unfamiliar place that Snowman must now struggle to survive in.

My Thoughts:
Fans of dystopian fiction will rejoice after reading this brilliantly crafted work of fiction. Atwood had an amazing way of building curiousity in me with each new detail in this frightening futuristic world. Continue reading