New vs. Used Books

As I opened my homepage today,, there was an article entitled “10 Things to Never Buy New”. And guess what number one was? You got it…books!

There reasoning for not buying new books was that they rarely get read more than once and you can find them for a fraction of the price at a used bookstore, garage sale, or online.

I must admit, buying books is like a drug to me. I don’t like to shop. Shopping for clothes is a little bit like torture. Shoes, jewlery, and bags just don’t do it for me. But a new book…ahhh. It’s like heaven.

I don’t read nearly as much as some of the book bloggers out there, but since I started blogging my reading has increased significantly. I have started to buy books at used bookstores more often, but it’s just not quite the same as the high I get from the brand new book. The book that I am the first person who gets to break open the spine of. The book whose wonders I am first to discover. Yes, I love new books.

I don’t take advantage of this wonderful thing called The Library. I get all my audio books online from the library, but never the books I’m reading. I pay taxes and should take advantage of this free service, but alas, I don’t.

One thing I do with my new books is lend them out. People where I work call me their book dealer. I always have something new to pass along or recommend. I love introducing people to a new book and being able to discuss it with them. I used to be picky about lending out my books, but I’ve gotten over it. If only I charged for lending these books out, I would be raking in the dough. (Hmmmm…idea on the horizon?)

So, how about you? What do you think of buying new vs. used books? Do you use your library or borrow books from friends? Do you lend out your books or are you protective of them? I’d love to hear your book buying habits.

Here is the article from MSN


18 Responses

  1. I saw the same article and thought to myself : “Obviously the writer has never waited FOREVER for a new book to be released. Ahem. Mockingjay for me!”


    Blogging has definitely increased my reading **and** my buying.

  2. I buy a lot of used books but mostly because the majority of the ones that I want are out of print. I also buy some new books – usually the ones I want to read the day they come out! I also don’t use the library probably as much as I should (I could probably borrow a lot of those OOP books that way but then what would I put on my bookcases?!) although I have been using it lately to get DVDs.

  3. A lot of my books are previously owned–I love scouring used books stores for good books. The only reason why I buy books brand new is when they’re certified keepers. Poetry books, short story collections by trusted authors. And it’s only because I can’t find them by rummaging through used books, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I used to buy only new books and then my habit got out of hand and I couldn’t afford it anymore and I discovered the joy of library sales, community garage sales, and most importantly, paperbackswap, and I rarely ever buy new books for myself anymore – pretty much only as gifts now (which still remain my favorite gift to give!). My bookshelf and TBR pile remains huge and my wallet does too this way ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I buy mostly new, since I can’t wait. Also, all the used bookstores in my area have gone out of business. I will buy used from Powells if they have what I want.

  6. as a blind reader who reads a ton i had a very expensive sudio book habit i never used the library, or hardly ever, i wanted to read the book i wanted when i wanted it, especially new books or ooks that others were reading. now i down load all my books from audible it is still an expensive habit but a little less so, i still get to read what i want when i want and don’t have to wait for books to come back to the library etc. rarely if ever do i read a book twice- on purpose anyway- and i loan out my audio books recently we moved and we boxed up all my audi books and now with audible i rarely buy audio books i am happy to loan out books and now tell people to either loan them to someone else or donate them rather than give me them back i am happy to loan out books tho if anyone knows a charity or organixation that would really benefit from several boxes of audio books let me know i would love to donate them somewhere they will be used and appreciated

  7. I buy a lot of second hand books. I love searching the charity shops, looking for book treasure!

    Picking a new one up from the bookshop isn’t as satisfying, so I tend to get new ones from the library.

  8. Some people love buying clothes and some like buying books! We all have our habits. And books can be re-sold later to used bookstores for a fair price or they make great keepsakes to pass on. My two cents!

  9. I used to almost always buy new books. There’s something about the delights of a bookstore and the smell of a new book. I used to belong to about six book clubs too. But as my fortunes declined, I started buying “Like New” books from, then books from the used book store, then books from thrift shops. Then I started going to the library this winter and use them a lot now. I can’t stand browsing in libraries (unlike in bookstores) so I put books on reserve. However, I have to say that throughout my life I have picked up books anywhere I could.

    My husband, my daughter and I have all gotten burned by lending books, so now I lend books only to true, good READING friends. I can count on them to return my books. Dan and I like to keep our books, but Kristen sells hers.

  10. I buy many new hardback or trade paperbacks as even with glasses mass paperback print is just too small for me.. however I do buy used when I can get to thrift stores and such.. they never have the new ones I want but do have many not published anymore or a book or three that ..well for 50 cents I wouldn’t mind reading but I wouldn’t buy it full price lol

  11. I buy new and used books. I know what you mean about being the first one to open a book but I also love imagining who might have read the used book before me. Once in a while I will find a boarding pass from an airplane that was used as a bookmark or a receipt, etc and I am always fascinated to think how far the book traveled to land in my hands! I also LOVE the library. Sometimes I struggle with not owning all the books I read but I could never hope to have all that the library has to offer so I make peace with that feeling!

  12. I have moved from buying new books almost exclusively to rarely buying new and mostly borrowing from friends/buying used. I have a good friend who reads a lot of what I like and reads about twice a quickly as I do so she is always passing on books to me. I reciprocate with my books to her. I also discovered and an get lots of used books that way. I buy new books as a treat – especially something that is recently released – and also for book club since those tend to be popular reads that are not easily available used.

    Great topic!

  13. I know it’s not cost effective to buy brand new books, but I figure everyone has a vice. Books are my vice. And if I buy a new book, read it once and never read it again, well, everyone has their thing. And books are my thing.

  14. I get told a lot to buy more books used but I just can’t do it – especially where I live due to the fact that the used bookstores here have poor selection. I just love the feel and smell of a new book!

    As for lending, I do lend my books out quite a bit though I try to keep track of who has what. If I notice someone being bad at returning, I try not to lend to them any more.

  15. LOL! I can imagine books being the one thing you shouldn’t buy! But seriously .. a new book … mmmm … I wonder if I can head to a bookstore now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. If there were any used bookshops or library sales where I live, I know I’d buy new books a lot more seldom. But I wouldn’t want to stop completely, because I do want to support the authors I love.

  17. Wonderful post. I like to read a lot too! But I’ve never loaned out any of my books. Maybe I should do this!

  18. Hi,

    Excellent post!! I also think one should buy second hand books to save the money. I mostly buy my college textbooks which are used and i get the books at fair price. Thanks for sharing the information. It will motivate lot of people to save their money.

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