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What the Dead Know

Book: What the Dead Know

Author: Laura Lippman

Short Summary:
A woman who was in a hit and run accident claims to be Heather Bethany, one of the two Bethany sisters who disappeared from a shopping mall in Baltimore 30 years ago. Nobody can be sure she is, in fact, who she claims to be. The book alternates from the day of the disappearance to the present, with little details of the mystery unraveling throughout.

My Thoughts:
This is another one I would consider to be good, but not great. I found the mystery of the missing sisters to be intriguing and suspenseful, and the ending did not leave me disappointed. I also enjoyed the way the author took us back to the very day of the disappearance. I think I enjoyed the parts that took place in the past more than those of the present day.

I listened to this book, and while I found the parts taking place in the past very easy to follow, the ones taking place in the present were more confusing. This may not have been the case had I read the book instead of listened to it. Their seemed to be a lot of characters in the present day, many who seemed unneccessary.

While the mystery in this book was a winner, the characters were not. I found it difficult to really care for any of them. I wasn’t particularly rooting for anyone and didn’t feel invested enough in any of them to wonder how their lives would turn out. This aspect of the book left me wanting more.

I have now listened to several audio books, and one thing I cannot understand is the music chosen for these books. The music in this one was particularly bad. It seemed so out of place and would come in at the most random times. I somewhat understand the use of  a little music as a transition, but for the most part I find it unneccessary and distracting, as was the case in this book.

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars


2 Responses

  1. I read this book last month and can’t say I felt too impressed. The mystery was good, but I found it too verbose, when the whole story could have been told in half as many pages.

  2. Welcome back! This book is yet another one I’ve read about lately where the premise sounds so promising but the book leaves the reader feeling a bit empty when all is said and done…bummer!

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