“Carrie Bradshaw has shoes. Julie Brichta has books.”

My name is Julie Brichta.  I am a special education teacher living in the wonderful city of Chicago. My passions include music, books, and traveling. I’m also interested in photography and scrapbooking.

I started blogging this past summer during my amazing trip to Guatemala and quickly fell in love with it.

Reading and I have a long history. I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. Numerous hours of sleep have been lost because I simply had to read just one more chapter, page, word.

Bookstores enthrall me. Time falls away when I enter a store lined with books just waiting to be read. I can rarely enter one of these book stores without a new piece of literary magic in tow on my way out. “Carrie Bradshaw has shoes. Julie Brichta has books.”

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