April in Review

May already? Wow. First I want to apologize for being MIA lately. I had a computer malfunction last weekend. I’m back up and running, but things are a little tricky and I’m working out some kinks.

That being said, April was a pretty good month. I started doing Soundtrack Saturday and Sunday and hope to continue that. I am such a music lover and the idea from alita.reads is a great one! I got through 6 books, 4 read, 2 audio, and 1 movie based on a book. Here is what I read:

In April I also got to go see Billy Elliot the musical and Ben Folds, my all time favorite musician!

My favorite book of the month was Let the Great World Spin, but Ella Minnow Pea comes in a close second. Very different books, but both great.

I am currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson and Mudbound by Hilary Jordan. I am listening to Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian. All of them are great so far.

May is my last month of school, and I really don’t have much planned for the summer except a one week cruise with the family. I’m hoping to fit in a ton of reading during this summer, maybe fitting in some big ones like Beach Music or Pillars of the Earth. We shall see.

I hope everyone had a great month!


Soundtrack Sunday: Let the Great World Spin

Following the lead of alita.reads I’ve decided to choose a song I would pick as a soundtrack to a book.

Book: Let the Great World Spin

Author: Colum McCann

One Sentence Summary: On August 7, 1974 a tightrope walker walked a wire between the two towers of the newly built World Trade Center above the city of New York. Below, the residents of the city were looking up in awe while living their lives.

Soundtrack Song: New York, New York by Ryan Adams

Why I chose this song: There are no shortages when it comes to songs about New York (here is a list of a ton), but I felt this song and video really captured the essence of the city. This video shows the chaos of it all, the rush. It shows the world spinning and the people trying to keep up. It is also eery that this was filmed on September 7, 2001, just a few short days before the attack on 9/11/01.

The world won’t wait, so I better shake that thing right out there through the door. Hell, I still love you, New York!

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Soundtrack Sunday: Ella Minnow Pea

Following the lead of alita.reads I’ve decided to choose a song I would pick as a soundtrack to a book.

Book: Ella Minnow Pea

Author: Mark Dunn

One Sentence Summary: On the fictional island of Nollop, Ella Minnow Pea and her friends have to adjust their speaking and writing when the High Council begins to ban words that fall from the statue of the island’s namesake, Nevin Nollop, the man who wrote the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Soundtrack Song: Wordplay by Jason Mraz

Why I chose this song: This book is most definitely all about the wordplay. Not being able to use certain letters made the residents of Nollop very clever and creative with the words they chose to use. I actually couldn’t stop singing this song in my head the entire time I read this book! Anyone who enjoys words and clever ways they can be used will love this book and this song!


*Unfortunately the original Jason Mraz video wouldn’t play, so I put in the best video I could find…this one shows the lyrics.

Previous Soundtrack Sundays: Love is a Mixtape (Love and Loss, One Song at a Time)

Soundtrack Sunday- Love is a Mix Tape (Life and Loss, One Song at a Time

Following the lead of alita.reads I’ve decided to choose a song I would pick as a soundtrack to a book. She usually does this on Saturday, but I missed my chance yesterday, so here is my Sunday edition.

Book: Love is a Mixtape, (Life and Loss, One Song at a Time)

Author: Rob Sheffield

One Sentence Summary: Rob uses music and mix tapes tell the about his love story with his wife Renee and how he used music to deal with his loss of her.

Soundtrack Song: Mix Tape from Avenue Q

Why I chose this song: This song come from a musical called Avenue Q, which is almost like a Sesame Street for adults. In this song, Kate has been given a mix tape from the boy she has a crush on, Princeton. She trys to use the songs picked to discover if her crush returns the feelings.

In the book, Love is a Mixtape, (Life and Loss, One Song at a Time) Rob Sheffield describes the art of making a mix tape, spending time choosing just the right songs to convey a message. This book brought so many emotions and memories out in me. I have gone through this same painstaking process of creating the perfect mix. And it is not something you just make, but something you truly create. I made sure the songs were just right. I made sure there was a feel to my mixes. I spent hours agonizing over which artists to use, what genres were appropriate, what best got across my mood at the time. It truly was an art form. My songs brought out memories, much as Rob’s did. I never did receive a mix from a crush, but if I did, I’m sure I’d analyze it the same way Kate does in this song; the same way Rob would have as well.

If you have a chance to see this musical, I highly recommend it! So many great songs and moments. Another one of my favorites is “It Sucks To Be Me”.

“Sometimes when someone has a crush on you,
They’ll make you a mix tape to give you a clue.”


Love is a Mix Tape (Life and Loss, One Song at a Time)

Book: Love is a Mix Tape (Life and Loss, One Song at a Time)

Author: Rob Sheffield

Short Summary:
In this memoir, Rob Sheffield uses mix tapes he has made throughout the years to describe the different events and happenings of his life, starting from childhood, leading to the present day. The majority of his story revolves around a woman named Renee who he falls madly in love with. The two marry and live a happy life together until Renee’s sudden death. It was music that brought the two together, and music that Rob sometimes relies on and other times runs from while dealing with his new, unfamiliar role as a widower. Once thought of as one person, “Robin Renee”, Rob alone now uses his words as a tribute for his love for Renee and how music played such a significant role in their life together.

My Thoughts:
If you are a music lover, a mix tape maker, or someone who just appreciates a heartfelt, touching memoir, you will most likely enjoy this book. Rob’s story uses the perfect mix of music, heartfelt moments, and humor to tell the legend of Rob and Renee.If you are a pop culture junkie, you can relate to the music and important events that were taking place as Rob describes the passing years. This book was so packed with true emotion, that tears were most definitely shed while listening to this book. More than anything else, I can say this book was

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