Too Much Happiness

Book: Too Much Happiness

Author: Alice Munro

Short Summary:
This is Alice Munro’s latest collection of ten short stories. The stories are unrelated in that they do not contain any of the same characters, but all have a dark feel to them. They deal with everyday people and their often unfortunate circumstances.

My Thoughts:
“Too Much Happiness” is an ironic title for this book where happiness is very difficult to come by. These stories all portray normal people who have encountered ill-fated situations. The strength of Alice Munro is her way of writing a character so subtly that when they do something horrific, it is almost like a slap in the face, yet somehow still believable. You will not find any one-dimensional characters in this one. Even though the stories are short, Munro has a way of making the characters complex and rich and their lives extremely complicated in a limited number of pages.

There were some stories I cared for more than others. “Child’s Play”, a haunting story of two friends at summer camp and their long-held secret, was one of my favorites. Continue reading