Book: Mudbound

Author: Hillary Jordan

Short Summary:
Laura McAllen was forced to leave a comfortable middle class life when her husband Henry decided to buy a farm in a small Mississipi farm in the 1940’s. The McAllen’s, their two daughters, and Henry’s father who they all called Pappy moved to the farm and a new way of life. There they met theĀ Jackson’s , a black family who were share croppers for the previous owners of the farm and stayed on to work for the McAllen’s. Both families had boys fighting on the front lines of World War II who returned to Mississipi and farm life. Told through the perspective of several characters, Mudbound shows theĀ struggles and joys of life on the farm as well as circumstances that bring people together or tear them apart.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book. It gave a realistic look at the racism that was such a part of this country. There were times it was very difficult to read because it made me feel so much anger. This to me is a sign of good writing. It was able to stir up so much emotion in me. Some of the themes of this book were similar to those in The Help, yet this book seemed to dig even deeper into the issues of racism and the realities of it.

One thing I’m not quite sure worked for me in this book was the telling of the story through so many different perspectives. I think this technique was overused . The perspective changed too often for me. I would have prefered a few less transitions from one character to the next. This technique made it difficult to really connect with any one of the characters.

Overall, I feel this book is worth reading. There is a lot of important issues brought up and would lead to a great discussion with a book club. If you enjoy reading books about this time period this book is also one you will like.

My Rating: 3.75/5 stars